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From public safety to energy inspection and more, the Autel Evo II Enterprise Thermal series has plenty of features that make them a compelling asset for any enterprise operation. Read along as DSLRPros gives you the rundown on this workhorse of a series.


The Autel Evo II Enterprise has the option of two thermal cameras - One is the 640T, and the second one is the Dual R made by FLIR. The benefit of that is that it's compatible with FLIR tools such as the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite - a collection of software tools built to optimize your workflow and maximize efficiency.


The high-resolution RGB camera gives you many capabilities with 48-megapixel stills and 8K video. Users can print graphics up to 100 inches wide with this resolution. Take stunning, incredibly detailed screenshots, punch them in, scale them up, and display them up-close on enormous monitors with little to no loss of image integrity. In addition, receive up to 4X lossless in-camera zoom. This imaging fidelity enables inspectors and first-responders to see finer details at a distance.


This drone has up to 42 minutes of flight time, enabling the user to stay in the air much longer. It also incorporates Autel's unique Battlock system, which prevents battery ejection during high-speed maneuvers or harsh landings. The Autel EVO II Dual R delivers the endurance you'll need for the most challenging assignments.In addition, this drone has an 8-mile range of connectivity, enabling the user to fly around magnetic interference without the worry of losing connection to the drone.


The Autel EVO II Enterprise Thermal drones' twelve computer vision sensors are controlled by a dual-core processor with AI machine learning capability, providing omnidirectional security. The Evo II has 360 degrees of obstacle avoidance that enables the user to fly in close proximity without worrying about crashing into anything. Up to 98 feet away, pilots may detect possible risks and let the EVO II accurately manage the drone's speed to avoid crashes. Operators can also disable the automatic avoidance feature and use the radar to monitor the area while maintaining complete control of the aircraft.


This drone has a max speed of 44 miles an hour, giving it the ability to safely fly in heavy wind conditions. Its max speed allows the Autel Evo II Enterprise Thermal drone to cover more ground and better able to keep track of objects.


In addition to its top speed, the Evo II also has predictive target tracking - enabling the user to keep eyes on its subject matter while it's moving. This feature is especially helpful for law enforcement operations where users may need to observe and track persons of interest.


This drone has its own dedicated smart controller with a big, bright screen that's easy to see during daylight conditions. The large screen allows for better situational awareness as the pilot can read telemetry easier and understand what's happening in the field.


The thermal camera has a radiometric capability. This enables the user to read the temperature readings in every pixel within the image in post. For example, inspection crews will benefit from highly accurate temperature readings, helping them ensure that structures and equipment are within acceptable temperature thresholds.


The drone comes with modular accessories: a spotlight, a speaker and a strobe.

Loudspeaker - gives the user the ability to communicate with subjects on the ground.

Spotlight - allows the user to illuminate an area and give the pilot more situational awareness.

Strobe - especially helpful at night, allowing the drone to be visible from up to three statute miles away.

RTK Module - allows for centimeter-level accuracy for mapping and surveying applications.


These powerful features and more make the Autel Evo II 640T Enterprise and the Autel Evo II Dual R Enterprise powerful additions to any drone fleet. If you have any questions at all about these powerful and versatile UAS, don’t hesitate to contact us at (877) 299-1075 Mon - Fri 7AM - 5PM PST, fill out our form here, or email us at