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Drones have completely changed the way we approach many different industries, and as the technology gets more advanced so do their applications.

SAR m200

Search and Rescue

In many ways, drones are a perfect match for the Search and Rescue (SAR) industry. The significant advances in drone technology have made them indispensable to SAR crews. Instead of expensive helicopter flights with incredibly pricey camera systems, crews can now launch their own relatively inexpensive drones that can get much closer to their target and even drop supplies or communications equipment to their rescue target.

Step One, of course, is finding the subject and assessing the state of their well-being. In comes the Zenmuse Z30. The 30x optical zoom of the Z30 allows SAR crews to get eyes in closer than ever before without endangering the subject or their equipment. Easy assessment of the subject allows rescue crews to respond to potentially dangerous situations in a prepared and safe manner.

Knowing the state of their subject, rescue crews can properly prioritize and plan for their rescue operation to ensure safety for all parties. If the crews can see that their subject is badly wounded, for example, they know that they need to rush to make sure that person survives. If someone is simply stuck in a spot they cannot escape on their own, rescue crews know they have the time to collect gear and plan an approach that ensures everyone’s safety.

This video from Garret Bryl shows the use of a Zenmuse Z30 for a missing persons search. His review states: “This was the first SAR training day using the Z30 working with GL and Steve using bloodhounds. The first part is following the K9 in their search. The person was hidden well and could only have been found via a thermal unit from the air. The second part was to determine the ability to locate a wandering person or someone that otherwise wants to be found. Not only was it relatively easy to find them but the Z30 also has the ability to zoom in and make a positive identification without sending in ground crew.”

As he stated, in some situations, people end up in situations in which they would only be easily spotted by a thermal camera. But once that person is located, a Zenmuse Z30 would be able to be deployed to make a positive identification and check on their physical well-being. The Z30 can also be used to monitor and guide rescue crews to their subject, and be far enough away from K9 units that the downdraft from the propellers will not interfere with their sense of smell.

Search and Rescue Solutions

DSLRPros offers several commercial solutions for Search and Rescue. We have a solution for different needs and budgets. For custom-tailored aerial SAR solutions, call our experts at 213.262.9436

Inspire 1 SAR Solution

Our Inspire 1 SAR kit is an Inspire 1 V2.0 outfitted with a Zenmuse XT camera of your choice. The package, of course, comes with the standard Inspire 1 X3 camera and gimbal system as well for optical procedures. The Zenmuse X3 camera system, however, does not offer the zoom capabilities of the Z3 or Z30 (note: Z30 is not compatible with Inspire 1). If it is within budget, we do suggest upgrading to the Z3 camera and gimbal option for its 3.5x optical zoom (and 2x digital zoom, making 7x zoom overall).



Matrice 210 SAR Solution

The Matrice 210 SAR kit is truly setting the bar for all SAR solutions. Its IP43 rating means you can keep flying even if it starts to rain, and the optional dual downward gimbal configuration gives you the option to fly with both a thermal and optical together. The Matrice 210 is compatible with Zenmuse X4S, X5S, XT, and Z30. For optimal SAR functionality, we recommend the Zenmuse XT and Z30 or X5S. These combos will give you thermal imaging as well as zoom functionality (with the Z30) or incredibly clear (but no zoom) optical camera. With the Matrice 210, you can quickly switch between both feeds in real time to get exactly the image you need, when you need it.


Visit our Search And Rescue page today to see more about the packages and request a quote. People aren’t waiting for you to be ready to rescue them, get started now!

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