Officials from the Moore County sheriff’s office saved a missing 11-year-old with their recently purchased thermal police drone from DSLRPros reports ABC 11 Eyewitness News.

With a family worried about their missing daughter, the Moore County Sheriff’s office had just the tool they needed to start the search. With setup and deployment only taking minutes the thermal and zoom camera police drone quickly took flight. After scanning the area around the residence, the police picked up a thermal signature near a tree across the highway. Officials then went to the area and found the missing girl asleep under a tree.

Although she was found only about 15 minutes from her house, her parents still did not know where she was. With how quickly a thermal drone can be put into the air and scan large areas of land, this technology provided a fast an efficient way of scanning the area before additional resources were required.

About the drone and cameras: The drone is a DJI Matrice 210 which is DJI’s top of the line enterprise drone which is rugged (IP43 water resistant) and versatile capable of carrying two high-performance cameras.

The Moore County Sheirff’s office had a Zenmuse Z30 camera which is a high powered 30x optical and 6x digital zoom camera perfect for capturing information from a greater distance away.

This was paired with a FLIR Zenmuse XT  thermal camera which sees infrared waves that are then processed into a visible thermal image. With these two camera payloads and a front facing FPV camera, this drone setup is ideal for police operations.

A note from the blog editor: Working for this company has been extremely rewarding as we are selling products that are saving people’s lives and are bringing increased efficiency to the daily operations of public safety officials. Also a special thank you to the Moore County Sheriff’s office for allowing us to post this blog.