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DSLRPros parent company Enterprise UAS has earned the distinction of exclusive master distributor with thermal imaging powerhouse Teledyne FLIR for its new SIRAS' trade; drone. SIRAS features the included Vue® TV128 dual radiometric thermal and visible camera payload system. A professional-grade foldable drone, SIRAS has a midsize frame, and is designed for inspections in the industrial and utility sectors, as well as for public safety, firefighting, and search and rescue operations. Teledyne FLIR SIRAS

During the process of developing SIRAS, Enterprise UAS was instrumental in providing Teledyne FLIR with aircraft performance requirements as well as feedback gleaned from flight testing. Now, as exclusive master distributor, Enterprise UAS is in charge of all sales, training, and support of SIRAS drones across the United States. They will also be providing primary and ongoing product support service, including first-line product repair, maintenance, and technical advice.

EUAS Executive Vice President Randall Warnas, said: ""Teledyne FLIR has stepped up to the plate with SIRAS to fill in the gap for a high-quality thermal imaging drone at a competitive price of $9,695. Having been on the front lines of the growth of aerial thermal imaging, I’m excited to see new products from a brand as well-known and respected as Teledyne FLIR, who has the track record, longevity, and resources to back up the introduction of a new drone into the market. As indicated by the overwhelming response to early testing of SIRAS, end users certainly have something to be excited about."

Vue TV128

A quick-connect gimbal mount is included with SIRAS, which ensures additional versatility for use with a variety of future payload combinations. The included Vue TV128 payload makes it possible to obtain high-quality visible and thermal imagery, which can then be processed using FLIR Thermal Studio or other leading third-party photogrammetry software. SIRAS boast some impressive camera specs. One can zoom in 128 times using the 16-megapixel visible camera to get a better look at specifics.

The radiometric, integrated Boson camera has 640x512 pixels, provides the best-in-class thermal imagery, has a 5x digital zoom, and its radiometric capabilities mean it can continuously capture the temperature of every pixel within the scene. Additionally, SIRAS is the only enterprise drone to feature Teledyne FLIR's patented MSX® technology. This technology provides critical data by overlaying thermal images in real time with edge details from the visible camera. MSX Example

SIRAS was developed with the goal of maximizing both speed and efficiency. Even in the harshest conditions, a rapid startup time of just one minute combined with hot-swappable batteries ensures rapid deployment and efficient operations. This aircraft has been given an IP-54 rating, which means it can withstand the elements. It also has a maximum flight time of 31 minutes and is equipped with front radar-based collision avoidance, which enables professional UAV pil ots to fly safely wherever and whenever the mission requires. SIRAS flies in front of a powerline

It should come as no surprise that SIRASplaces a high priority on data security. SIRAS stores imagery directly onto an onboard SD card rather than allowing a connection to a cloud-based storage service to be used for data storage. SIRAS does not require the user to first create an online profile in order to begin a mission. All of this is done to improve the system's overall cyber security. It is purposely not capable of cellular transmission, nor does it have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities (except to comply with remote ID).

SIRAS gives professionals the productivity and efficiency they need to ensure a successful mission by providing the best-in-class imagery, secure data, and seamless integration with the leading photogrammetry software.

Enterprise UAS CEO, Mike Zaya is excited about the new possibilities this new drone offers end users. “We are thrilled to serve as the exclusive master distributor with Teledyne FLIR on this cutting-edge product," says Zaya. "The SIRAS drone is a direct response to market demand. Our customers have long been asking us for a high quality, turnkey solution that takes into consideration the latest technological requirements for the mission along with an airframe that complies with local, state and federal government requirements. Teledyne FLIR has long been the leader in thermal imaging sensors for UAVs, so it's a natural progression to enter with its own high-quality, mission-specific system."

Continuing, Zaya said “Through the relationship with Teledyne FLIR over the years, Enterprise UAS has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of the important relationship between a customer and their supplier. To that end, EUAS will be managing all channel sales of SIRAS in the United States. We’re excited to partner with the top value-added resellers in the country to help get this important product into the hands of end users.”


The fourth quarter of 2022 is when it is anticipated that SIRAS will first begin shipping to customers located in the United States.