Drone Fleets as a Toolkit for Enterprise Operations

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has indeed come a long way from the days when workers would send a small, lone remote-controlled aircraft to check for objects in hard-to-reach places. As part of their routine tasks, organizations and teams worldwide now use drones for many different purposes, including environmental conservation, law enforcement, industrial inspection, search and rescue efforts and more.  Drones are being sent out to collect aerial data, images, and video with precision - data that we use to better understand the world around us.

While the adoption of drones has been increasing dramatically in recent years, so too have the number of drones engaged by individual customers and businesses.  As the need to expand their operations grow, organizations are now often purchasing not just one or two but multiple aircraft - creating their own drone fleets.

Using a drone fleet for your enterprise operations comes with significant advantages that should be considered by any organization or business that wishes to scale and take its operational effectiveness and productivity to the next level.

In this article,  DSLRPros will walk you through some of the advantages of using a fleet of drones as opposed to an individual aircraft for enterprise operations. We'll also talk about some of the technology at play, and discuss some important factors to consider when building your drone fleet. Let's get right to it.


While every organization is different, almost all large-scale operations regardless of industry will benefit from having multiple drones on hand. Unforeseen incidents like crashes or even a brief pause in operations necessitated by scheduled maintenance can put your drone flights on hold - and your entire operation with it. A break in drone operations means that critical tasks and projects may be interrupted, resulting in lost productivity, revenue, potential safety risks, and even a reduced capability to save lives. Let's go over these benefits in detail below:

Operational Redundancy, Continuous Operation, and Increased Coverage Area

With everyday inspections relying more and more on drone technology, any interruption in operability can have dramatic consequences,  If your team's only inspection drone gets grounded, your team may be forced to send in personnel to conduct the checks themselves to keep your inspection schedule on track. Depending on the type of structure or equipment being inspected, this can greatly increase risks to personnel safety.

For example, without the benefit of using a drone, personnel may need to climb tall structures such as power lines and radio transmission towers to perform inspections. Having at least one additional drone on hand to continue operations negates the need to pose additional risks to personnel in this manner. Additionally, having two or more drones for your operation on hand means you can reduce downtime by immediately sending another drone up to resume inspection flights when your other drone needs to land to recharge its depleted batteries. Alternatively, your inspection team can have multiple drones in the air simulataneously to cover more ground in several directions and inspect several structures at the same time, thereby increasing the efficiency of your inspection work.

Firefighting teams can use drone technology to provide valuable situational data before putting personnel on the ground at risk. Thermal camera or spotlight-equipped drones can show operators where dangerous hotspots are and provide them the capability to see even through smoke or low-light environments. As the fire rages, team members on the ground can take advantage of the overhead data provided by drones to coordinate movement and monitor the progress of their firefighting efforts. Fire crews can also use drones to scout or inspect burned-out structures as needed without sending personnel into areas that may be prone to collapse. Firefighting teams that have to ground their drone for whatever reason lose out on these benefits when every moment counts. In the event of extremely large or extended fires, deploying their fleet of drones one after the other means that firefighting crews can take advantage of the benefits that drones provide for continuous operations. Firefighters are also able to leverage a fleet to deploy multiple drones to combat simultaneous fires in different locations.

Every second counts in search and rescue operations. Thermal and zoom camera-equipped drones enable rescue teams to efficiently search large or difficult-to-reach areas day and night, even in less than ideal weather conditions. Losing these benefits means precious time is lost, and the ability to save lives is decreased. More rescue personnel may be needed to search large or difficult areas on foot, thereby increasing the risk for everyone involved. Having an additional drone ready to fly as a backup ensures your team doesn't lose a critical edge in saving lives. It isn't uncommon for search and rescue operations to take days, weeks, or even longer, depending on the circumstances. The capability to use multiple drones for continuous operations ensures that your team retains these advantages even through prolonged working hours. Crucially, depending on your team's operational needs, you can also opt to deploy multiple drones at the same time to search different areas simultaneously. Having a fleet of drones at your disposal means that your search and rescue team will retain its edge especially when lives are on the line.

The grounding of your team's drone for whatever reason can mean the loss of a critical tactical advantage for your law enforcement operations. Your team may lose the capability to monitor suspects and public disturbances from above. The risk is compounded during nighttime or other low-light scenarios where your team may lose the benefit of using a drone-mounted thermal camera to track movement and stay on top of the situation. In the case of law enforcement using the Brinc Lemur S tactical drone, the drone's grounding can mean the loss of a reliable point-man for tactical entry and hostage negotiation, among others. Therefore, having another drone available to fly at a moment's notice ensures that your team does not lose out on these vital tactical benefits and the additional layer of security they provide. Being able to send another drone up in the air quickly also means that your team's drone advantage is present even through a prolonged operation. In addition, having multiple drones will allow your team to leverage UAS technology in separate, simultaneous law enforcement operations - thereby maximizing your team's effectiveness in saving lives and keeping the peace.

Why Purchase A Drone Fleet Package?


With so many drone brands and models available in the market today, it can take time to pick out a set of drones for your fleet that are a great fit for your needs. Add all the accessories you can purchase into the mix, and you may end up spending far more time researching and making sure everything will work even before you start deploying your drones. To address this difficulty, our team at DSLRPros has put together multiple drone fleet packages designed to meet the needs of specific industries and use cases. From the drones themselves to the accessories included, these packages remove the guesswork and hassle of picking out drones and accessories separately, so your team can get in the air as quickly as possible with little to no hassle. Having the same drones and accessories for your drone fleet means that your team will enjoy consistent protocols for your operations. In addition, your team will have peace of mind knowing that our fleet packages are purposefully suited to your needs, right from the get-go. Let's talk about some of the drones that make up our fleet packages.

Introduction to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced


The DSLRPros Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Fleet Packages are an excellent investment for your organization's UAS program, whether you want to start a drone fleet or extend an existing one. We combine the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced's state-of-the-art airborne thermal imaging capabilities with a complete turnkey accessory bundle and efficient fleet management software. Among its range of features, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced's weight of 909g and foldable shape makes it highly portable. Furthermore, this versatile drone can take off in under a minute, guaranteeing that your drone is in the air quickly. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced can fly for nearly 30 minutes and reach a top speed of 44 mph thanks to a strong battery and highly efficient motors.

Thermal Imaging Capability


With a 48 MP 12" CMOS visual sensor, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced can shoot images in sharp 48MP on the visible spectrum, with 4X lossless zoom and up to 32X max digital zoom. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced comes with a VOx Microbolometer thermal sensor, which has four times the thermal resolution of the older DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. In addition, the thermal imaging on this aircraft has a 16X thermal magnification and a 30Hz refresh rate. Radiometric thermals are also at work, allowing pilots to pinpoint specific temperature ranges while in flight. This imaging capability is essential for ensuring that your team can carry out tasks even across long distances.

Security Features


The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced makes use of a password encryption system that is both convenient and secure. To obtain access to your craft, including all data kept onboard, a use will need to enter the proper password for it. Users can turn on Local Data Mode, which prevents the DJI app from receiving and transmitting data over the internet, essential for sensitive missions where privacy is paramount. Furthermore, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced's omnidirectional obstacle avoidance features reduce the likelihood of a crash or collision. Operators can use Discrete Mode to turn off all of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced's aircraft LEDs for missions that need subtle movement. Our Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Fleet Packages include the DJI Care Enterprise Basic Crash Insurance Plan to give you peace of mind.

The DSLRPros Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Urban Fleet Package has inclusions that make it a great force multiplier for public safety, law enforcement, and first responder operations. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Industrial Fleet Package includes accessories that greatly enhance operational efficiency for users in the industrial, construction, engineering, and inspection segments.

Drone Fleet Management Software 

Drone Fleet Management Software 

With any drone fleet, proper management is essential to the program's success. This package includes Airdata UAV fleet management software, which adds an extra layer of protection. This powerful software for your drones gives you access to real-time data on the health and performance of your fleet. Keep track of crucial flight data, logs, maintenance cycles, and alerts about equipment and the environment that could jeopardize flight performance. Airdata UAV is the premier software solution for drone fleet management.

Get Free Training From DSLRPros

DSLRPros' 1 Day In-Person Training Session is included with each DSLRPros DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Fleet Package purchase for a limited time only.

This comprehensive and hands-on training course will familiarize you with the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, guide you on best practices, and teach you how to get the most out of your aircraft while flying safely and confidently.

When convenient for you or your team, one of our qualified and experienced flight instructors will visit your location and teach you how to get started flying and using the M2EA's most exciting features.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Urban Fleet Package from DSLRPros:

The Lemur S tactical drone is a versatile, durable drone created for and tested by police departments and military personnel around the United States. This rugged and capable drone can break windows, establish two-way contact between officers and negotiators, deploy countermeasures, and much more.

The Lemur S tactical drone is a versatile, durable drone created for and tested by police departments and military personnel around the United States. This rugged and capable drone can break windows, establish two-way contact between officers and negotiators, deploy countermeasures, and much more.


The DSLRPros Brinc Lemur S Tactical Operations Package is an impressively capable package tailored for police and military operations.This bundle includes two Brinc Lemur S aircraft and all imaging equipment and payloads that public safety professionals require to accomplish their duties effectively.

Imaging Capabilities


Each Brinc Lemur S drone comes with a 1080p HD camera with integrated IR sensitivity is included in this payload, allowing you to view objects even in complete darkness. Users can see a broad region in a single image thanks to the wide field of view sensor. The Lemur S is ideal for public safety operations thanks to its infrared night vision and high-definition visual spectrum video.

Real-Time Communication


The Lemur S uses cellular-based technology to provide low-latency two-way communication between operators and the aircraft. Communication with suspects, team members, and negotiators is feasible thanks to an embedded 106 dB speaker. The inbuilt microphone on the Lemur S allows the operator to hear conversations up to 75 feet away from the drone.

Premium Accessories Included


The Brinc Lemur S drone comes with three payload add-ons exclusive to this aircraft. Its specialized window breaching payload can shatter tempered, automobile, and most residential glass. This breaching system uses a tungsten carbide rod connected to a high-speed motor to break through tempered glass. Operators can use the General Purpose Dropper, which is meant to deliver critical equipment and countermeasures to team members. In low-light situations, a high-powered lighting system helps maintain situational awareness for its users. We've also included two high-quality VR headsets for more immersive drone control.

Modular Design With Replaceable Parts


The Lemur S has a modular architecture that permits payloads to be swapped out quickly and readily depending on mission requirements. On-site repairs are simpler because of the modular architecture. In the unlikely event that a component of the drone is broken, replacement parts can be swapped out quickly, allowing you to be back in the air with minimal downtime. Spare camera lenses, propellers, guards, video antennae, and other items are included in the kit.

Receive Free On-Site Training From DSLRPros

The Brinc Lemur S is a capable drone with a wide range of capabilities. Because Tactical Operations are dangerous and unpredictable, it's critical to know all about the Lemur S' capabilities before embarking on a mission. With every purchase, DSLRPROS includes a three-day intensive training session. This training session will teach buyers how to properly prepare, operate, and repair their Lemur S so that operators may use it safely and effectively in hazardous environments.

Final Thoughts


The need to have multiple drones on-hand to streamline operational efficiency will only grow in turn as your operations scale. Planning your organization's drone fleet early on is one of the best ways to ensure that your team is ready to meet the demands of expanded operations. Whether your team is just starting with its drone program or already has a fleet of drones at your disposal, our team of drone fleet experts at DSLRPros is at your service to help our customers find which drones fit their needs. We also have dedicated training programs at our facility to help you manage tasks and improve processes for your drone program. For any questions, contact our team at DSLRPros today.