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The DJI Zenmuse Z30 is DJI’s premium long-range zoom camera. This camera is ideal for inspection, survey, monitoring ground personnel, and for active shooter scenarios.

The Zenmuse Z30 bridges the gap between allowing for a close, thorough inspection while at the same time maintaining a safe distance from the subject. The Zenmuse Z30 is DJI’s most powerful integrated long-range aerial zoom lens engineered for industrial applications. The Z30 offers 30 times optical zoom and 6 times digital zoom for detailed inspection at a distance.

What is the difference between digital zoom and optical zoom? Digital zoom is the camera sensor cropping in on an image. Think of it as your eyes trying to focus in on something far away. Optical zoom is using a lens to focus the incoming light onto the imaging sensor. Think of it as using binoculars to see something far away. Optical zoom is superior since it is focusing the image on the sensor with a lens rather than just cropping pixels.


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The selling point for this camera is that it is plug and play so its ready right out of the box. This means not having to deal with third party gimbals, comports, or function mapping the remote controller. The DJI Zenmuse Z30’s powerful optical zoom provides users with the ability to capture the smallest details from a safe distance. For tower or structure inspection the Z30 removes the need for manned personnel to either climb the tower or use expensive crane equipment. This further reduces the risk and liability for inspection, while saving time.

With DJIs intelligent flight features such as ‘point of interest’ and ‘waypoints’ a single operator can do the entire inspection. Point of interest allows the operator to select an area and then set the speed, direction, and distance from the selected area. For waypoints simply select the exact flying route on the map, determine the altitude and speed, and let the drone do the rest. With these parameters set the drone will fly itself, freeing up the operator to control the camera.

Camera operation with the DJI Cendence remote controller and CrystalSky make inspection even easier. Within the DJI app just tap on the object you would like to zoom into, and the camera automatically zooms in. The Z30’s long-range imaging makes commercial drone (UAV) operations more efficient and safer.

What drones can the Zenmuse Z30 go on? This camera is only compatible with the Matrice 100Matrice 200Matrice 210, and Matrice 600 Pro drones. This also includes the Matrice 200/210 RTK variations.

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