RC Plus - Best Enterprise Controller Yet

It's no exaggeration to say that the remote controller is one of the most important parts of any drone solution. After all, it's the piece of equipment that you actually interact with the most. Like the steering wheel of a car, the remote needs to provide a comfortable grip, precise inputs and enough functionality to give you complete control over your drone.

In the past, DJI's Enterprise fleet has used customized versions of their consumer-grade remote controls. A first for DJI, the RC Plus provides enterprise-level drone pilots, inspection teams, and public safety teams with a controller that is specifically designed for enterprise use.

The end product is an extremely capable and rugged RC that makes missions easier than ever to complete.

Built to withstand the elements

In addition to harsh sunlight, the DJI RC Plus is capable of withstanding a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions.

Drones from DJI's Enterprise line have, for a number of years now, possessed the ability to fly in difficult climatic conditions. However, this was not always the case with the accompanying RCs - at least not up until now.

The new DJI Plus has been given an IP54 rating, making it the company's first remote controller that is resistant to the elements. In addition to that, it can function properly in a wide range of temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

This ensures that the DJI RC Plus is protected from airborne particles and liquid sprays, and that it can continue to function in the same harsh environments as the M30.

Tactile feedback is critical.

The fact that pilots must use on-screen commands for essential parts of a mission is a source of frustration for many of them.

Whether conducting a search and rescue operation, a response to a hazardous material incident, or an inspection of an infrastructure site, the last thing you want to be doing is fumbling through touch-screen menus in order to select an important feature. This is especially true if the weather makes it difficult to do so.

The DJI RC Plus has more physical buttons than any previous version, which enables pilots to develop muscle memory, gain instant access to critical flight features, and enjoy a more fluid flight experience.

There are now a total of six new buttons, each of which can be mapped to a unique set of functions depending on the camera view that is currently active.

Pilots can effortlessly switch between different camera views, zoom in and out, and drop PinPoints with just a little bit of practice and muscle memory- all without having to move their hands away from the control sticks or take their eyes off of the drone.

The best screen ever on a DJI remote controller.

When it comes to inspection and public safety missions, the requirements of the equipment can vary wildly. In certain scenarios, the utilization of a big external monitor is the most effective method for providing commanders with situational awareness and coordinating efforts. However, when increased mobility is required, the ideal solution is a high-resolution screen that is embedded within the RC.

The 7-inch screen that is built into the DJI RC Plus offers clear visuals with 1200 cd/m, which enables pilots to gain a better understanding of points of interest, spot details they may otherwise miss, and navigate more efficiently even when the sun is directly overhead.

Improved network connectivity.

The DJI RC Plus is a remote controller that can maintain a reliable connection with your drone even when it is located up to 15 kilometers away. This is due in part to a design that incorporates four antennas.

The controller also has two specific features that further improve connectivity, which is critical for ensuring public safety and conducting asset inspections in areas where there are signal problems.

The first feature is the ability to take off the top pair of antennas. Because of this, teams now have the ability to attach their own signal solutions, which enables a greater range and improves the clarity of the video feed when interference is present.

The second feature is the ability to add a DJI Cellular Module, which is a 4G dongle that enables connectivity even in remote areas or complex environments with signal interference. This is an add-on that can be purchased separately. Please be aware that the availability of 4G varies greatly from country to country and region to region.

Never run out of battery power.

The DJI RC Plus is powered by the sameWB37 batteries that are used to operate the RC on the M300


These batteries provide almost six hours' worth of flight time.

If the controller's battery starts to run low on charge, operators can simply hot-swap in a new battery instead of having to land the drone and interrupt ongoing missions. This allows them to continue their work uninterrupted.

In addition, the top 65W USB-C port on the DJI RC Plus allows the remote controller to be charged even while in use.

A remote controller you can depend on

Because drones are starting to play more significant roles in missions involving public safety and inspection work, it is essential to deploy them along with the appropriate accessories.

The DJI RC Plus is a brand-new product that has been developed from the ground up to cater to the requirements of drone professionals, whether they are in the public safety, inspection, construction or agriculture verticals.

This is one tool that will make complex missions easier. It is more user-friendly than any other Enterprise drone remote controller before it, is robust enough to withstand almost any weather conditions, and is loaded with features that can improve awareness of the surrounding environment.

This is one controller we can't take our hands off of!

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