Any farmer knows all too well the challenges of keeping up with large fields and making sure every crop gets exactly what it needs. Traditional farming can be tough, often wasting time and resources – and keeping crop dusters in the air is not exactly easy on the farm’s operational budget either. No surprise that drones are a popular alternative – and DJI is a household name here. And now it’s back on the spotlight with the April 25th release of the Agras T50 and its smaller counterpart, the T25 models. Let’s look at what they hold for precision agriculture.

Agras T50 Review And Feature Breakdown

The Agras T50 caters to both the needs of both family farms and large agricultural enterprises. Here’s what it brings on board:

Key Features

• Payload Capacity: Capable of carrying 40 kg for spraying and 50 kg for spreading.

 Advanced Spraying System: Features a dual atomizing spray system that can handle up to 24 liters per minute​.

• Coaxial Dual-Rotor Design: Ensures stability with 54-inch propellers.

• Dual Atomization Spraying System: Features an increased flow rate of up to 16 liters per minute with adjustable-sized spray droplets.

• Flight Efficiency: Can spray up to 50 acres per hour, enhancing operational efficiency​​.

• Enhanced Connectivity: Upgraded four-antenna O3 Transmission system extends range up to 2 km.

• Advanced Obstacle Avoidance: Dual radar and binocular vision for intelligent sensing and terrain following.

• Rapid Recharging: 9-minute fast charging capability with the DB1560 Intelligent Flight Battery.

• SmartFarm Compatibility: Integrates with DJI SmartFarm app for streamlined operation and management​.

Aerial Stability

The Agras T50’s coaxial dual-rotor design, featuring large 54-inch propellers, is engineered for stability in the air, particularly when carrying heavy loads of up to 50 kg. This design is crucial for maintaining balance and precision during both spraying and spreading operations, making it an ideal choice for extensive agricultural fields where consistent application is critical.

Efficiency is at the heart of the T50’s design. Capable of covering up to 50 acres per hour, the drone optimizes the use of chemicals and seeds, significantly reducing the time and labor costs associated with traditional methods. The dual atomization spraying system allows for precise droplet control, ensuring that crops receive optimal protection or nutrition with minimal waste.

Connectivity and Operational Safety

The upgraded O3 Transmission system with four antennas ensures a strong and stable connection between the drone and its controller, even at distances up to 2 kilometers. This feature is particularly beneficial in complex terrains like mountains, where stable communication is crucial for safe drone operation.

Integrating dual Active Phased Array Radars and binocular vision sensors, the T50 excels in navigating challenging environments. This system not only helps in detecting and avoiding obstacles but also in following the terrain closely, which is vital for consistent application in undulating fields.

Optimized for Orchard Applications

For operations in orchards where dense canopies can obstruct effective spraying, the T50 can be equipped with additional centrifugal sprinklers. These increase the flow rate to 24 liters per minute, ensuring deeper penetration and coverage of both the fronts and backs of leaves, crucial for effective pest and disease control.

Rapid Charging for Continuous Operations

The ability to recharge in just 9 minutes via a specialized inverter generator system makes it an asset for continuous farming operations. This feature allows the Agras T50 to operate almost continuously, with minimal downtime, enhancing overall productivity.

For the Modern Farmer

The Agras T50's integration with the DJI SmartFarm app is in line with the the trend towards digital agriculture, where technology not only automates but also optimizes farm management. This app aids in dynamic plot management and crop protection, backed by data visualization tools that enhance decision-making processes​.

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Analysis Of The DJI Agras T25

The DJI Agras T25 takes the advanced capabilities of its larger counterpart to smaller and medium-sized farms. Here’s what you get:

Key Features

• Compact Design: Tailored for easy transport and solo operation.

• Capacity: Can carry up to 20kg for spraying and 35kg for spreading.

• Advanced Navigation: Includes multidirectional obstacle avoidance and Terrain Following.

• Rapid Charging: Full charge in 9 to 12 minutes with the DB800 battery.

• Ease of Use: Supports one-tap takeoffs and automatic operations.

• SmartFarm App Compatibility: Fully integrated with DJI's upgraded SmartFarm application.

And for a quick overview of how they stack up against each other:

 DJI Agras T50 vs T25: Side By Side Comparison

Feature DJI Agras T50 DJI Agras T25
Payload Capacity Can carry 40kg for spraying or 50kg for spreading Accommodates 20kg for spraying or 25kg for spreading
Area Coverage per Hour Up to 50 acres (21 hectares) per hour; ideal for large-scale operations 30 acres (12 hectares) per hour; Best suited for smaller to medium-sized farms
Spraying System Dual atomization system with a flow rate up to 16 liters per minute; optional high-flow rate kit available for 24 liters per minute Dual atomization system with a flow rate up to 16 liters per minute; optional high-flow rate kit available for 24 liters per minute
Spray and Spread Functionality
Spray tank volume: 40 L
Spread tank volume:75 L
Spray tank volume: 20 L
Spread tank volume: 35 L
Effective Spray Width (at 3m height above crops)
4-11 m
4-7 m
Weight (with battery)
52 kg
32 kg
Operational Range and Flight Performance Max configurable flight radius of 2000 m; wind resistance up to 6 m/s Max configurable flight radius of 2000 m; wind resistance up to 6 m/s
Navigation and Safety RTK/GNSS for precise positioning; Phased Array Radar System for terrain following and obstacle avoidance RTK/GNSS for precise positioning; Phased Array Radar System for terrain following and obstacle avoidance
Remote Control and Connectivity Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; maximum transmission distance of up to 7 km under FCC regulations Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; maximum transmission distance of up to 7 km under FCC regulations
IP Rating IP55 IP55

Well, the T50 and T25 models are definitely in the running for 2024’s best agriculture drones. Who’s the competition? Check out the top crop spraying drones here.

Who is the DJI Agras T50 Best For?

The Agras T50 is tailored for the large-scale farmer who demands efficiency and stability over extensive acreage. With its capability to cover up to 50 acres per hour and handle heavier payloads, it's perfect for vast fields of crops or orchards where rapid, widespread treatment is crucial. Additionally, the T50's enhanced connectivity options make it ideal for farms located in areas with complex geographical features, such as hills or interrupted terrains, ensuring continuous operation without signal loss.

Who is the DJI Agras T25 Best For?

Conversely, the Agras T25 is an excellent choice for smaller or medium-sized farms. Its portability and efficient design make it ideal for farmers who manage their operations solo or with limited assistance. Whether it's a boutique vineyard or a family-owned vegetable farm, the T25 provides precise application and easy maneuverability, making it perfect for areas that require frequent, detailed attention but may not need the heavy-duty capabilities of the T50.

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