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Made in the USA!  The Autel EVO II Dual Drone features payload upgrades, data security and celebrated domestic workmanship.  All are celebrated features on Autel’s new EVO II Dual Drone release.  

Evo II Thermal

In a year when both Congress and the White House are weighing in on cybersecurity and country-of-origin concerns in the National Defense Authorization Act, Autel brings you peace of mind.  Autel’s EVO II Dual (imagining & thermal) payload, labor and software originate from US and NATO suppliers to form an ecosystem that qualifies for the ‘Made In USA with Foreign and Domestic Components and Labor’ designation.



With respect to payload, Autel selects the best in imaging with the highest resolution in thermal imaging available from FLIR (USA) and Sony (Japanese) cameras offering 8K resolution.  See people and objects of interest regardless of lighting, smoke, fog or inclement weather.  This dual system works together to offer you the best in imaging, coupled with a host of impressive features and specs: a robust gimbal, omnidirectional obstacle sensing and 5.5 miles of transmission range with 40 minutes flight time.

Many great features, particularly no Geo-Fencing


If you’re a responsible drone operator, you know the rules and regulations of your area.  As a first responder who needs full operational capability immediately, the last thing you have time for is to face frustrations with regards to LTE or connectivity issues.  With absolutely zero geofencing restrictions, the Autel EVO II provides a dependable solution that’s ready to go when you are.  When it comes to having everything else you need, we have the rest packaged and ready. 


Dual Urban Scout Package : an out-the-door solution to get you and your team up and running.



Get everything you need to get going now.  The Urban Scout package has been specifically designed for public safety applications; combining multiple batteries for long flight time, additional propellers and guards, as well as memory cards and a tablet mount for viewing mission critical data on a larger screen than the controller’s built in screen.  Combining 8k video with high resolution thermal imaging provides unparalleled flexibility for viewing options in a multitude of operational conditions.  With ten thermal palette choices to choose from, you can pick the color range most suited for your application, optimizing your ability to separate your subject from the background and keep track of persons or objects of interest in most any condition.

Derrick Ward

This need is further illustrated from a real-world testimonial. Lead UAS Pilot and 30-year firefighter Derrick Ward remarks “one of the most critical aspects of this drone is its payload. The FLIR Boson Thermal sensor with 640×512 resolution, 30 Hz refresh and 14 mm focal length is an extremely high-quality camera making this drone the perfect tool for search and rescue, identifying hotspots during brushfires, and extremely beneficial for identifying problems while fighting structure fires.“  He also went on to reiterate the importance of no geo-fencing for such situations.


When up-to-date situational awareness is critical, outdated satellite images or street view maps simply won’t cut it.  There is no substitute for live, real time visuals for ultimate situational awareness.  For additional visual analysis, this package includes Pix4Dreact drone fast-mapping software specifically for emergency response, allowing for fast and accurate mapping and measurements of locations in the field.


When working with sensitive data, locations or subjects, informational security is critical.  With the Autel EVO II Dual Urban Scout package, absolutely no data is ever uploaded or processed in the cloud.  Your data is secured.  Whether or not you have internet connectivity, this package gets the job done.


First responders have many different options to choose from when it comes to UAV’s.  The Dual Urban Scout package is custom built to get the job done.

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