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Though many may consider the main use of drones as a way for the military to enhance their targeting, spying and general operations, there are many ways that drones are savings lives far from the battlefield.

Search and Rescue

From lost hikers to swimmers and kayakers who have drifted, drones are enhancing rescue efforts by picking up the slack where helicopters and night vision goggles fall short. Search and rescue missions can be dangerous, time-consuming and exhaustive for those involved, however drones provide unmanned aircraft support that saves time and hundreds of possible volunteers by scanning the darkness through thick trees, water or rocks to find those in trouble. The thermal heat scans taken by the drones have already earned a name for themselves by saving those in need from spending freezing nights exposed to the elements in an emergency situation.

The Eye of the Storm

Just like how drones can run covert operations to help find those who have gone missing, drones can also save human lives by charging into the eyes of storms where no human would dare venture. The most advanced kind of storm hunter, drones are now providing exceptional information and updates to organizations such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to track the evolvement of storms as they form. Some of the most robust operations are using up to 6 drones to ride through even the most massive of storms to gather data and hopefully predict future forecasts while being tossed through water, rain and even drug underwater, all while being controlled from a laptop.

Our Furry Friends

It’s not just human lives that benefit from drones. Organizations like the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Geological Service, and the Department of the Interior have been using drones for wildlife monitoring and land management. Operations to track animal nesting patterns, migration and habitation provide the data necessary to create charts and maps along the way to help protect the animals from planned or prospective deforestation. These drones are saving NGOs hundreds of thousands of dollars and man-hours in addition to the thousands of lives saved by being able to work night and day to read through thick forest trees or span over vast amounts of land during produce these maps and charts in mere hours.

So whether you’ve lost your way in the forest, you’re in the eye of the storm, or you walk on all fours, drones are certainly improving the chances of saving lives all over the world on various terrains conditions. Take a look at some of the life-saving drone kits offered at DSLRPros!

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