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The Inspired Flight lineup showcases the cutting-edge IF800 and IF1200 models, each designed to meet diverse industrial needs with American-made quality. The IF800 Tomcat excels with its 6.6 lb payload capacity, 54-minute flight time, and robust performance in harsh conditions, making it ideal for photogrammetry, surveying, and search and rescue missions. Meanwhile, the IF1200 offers unparalleled versatility with its 8kg payload capacity and 35-minute flight time, perfect for demanding tasks requiring multiple payload configurations and thermal imagery. Discover these exceptional drones at DSLRPros, tailored for your professional applications.

Shop Inspired Flight Drones, Parts, and AccessoriesShop Inspired Flight Drones, Parts, and Accessories

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Inspired Flight: Leading American-Made Drones for Professionals

About Inspired Flight

Founded in 2017 in San Luis Obispo, CA, Inspired Flight began its journey as a UAV motor and speed controller manufacturer. Their commitment to enhancing the quality of UAV parts on the market has set a new standard in the industry. With a focus on American manufacturing from the outset, Inspired Flight has grown into a leading provider of complete UAV platforms.

Inspired Flight is driven by a clear mission: to conserve resources, save lives, and create jobs by leading the American small Uncrewed Aerial Systems industry. Their team of dedicated professionals and engineers strives to uphold values of quality, safety, and re-shoring American manufacturing in every product they create.

At DSLRPros, we are proud to offer the IF800 Tomcat from Inspired Flight:

  • IF800 Tomcat Commercial Drone: This medium-lift autonomous UAS is designed for industrial and professional applications such as photogrammetry, surveying, search and rescue, and inspections. With the ability to carry up to a 6.6 lb payload, withstand winds up to 23 knots, and fly at speeds up to 49 mph for up to 54 minutes, the IF800 Tomcat is built to perform in harsh conditions.

Explore the range of Inspired Flight drones at DSLRPros and experience the best of American-made UAV technology.

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