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Crashes, malfunctions, or something with your craft just sounds funny and you want to have it checked out? No problem, we’re here for you.


We take the guess work out of drone repair by charging a flat fee. Just pay the designated flat fee for your specific drone model plus the cost of any replacement parts. No surprise labor charges.


Speed is important to our customers so we aim to complete repairs in half the time (or less)  it would take if you sent it back to the original manufacturer. Our goal is to repair your drone in days rather than months.


Communication is very important for our customers throughout the repair process. We promise to keep you in the loop, not the dark. Call us at (213) 262-9436 ; email us at repairs@dslrpros ; or try out our livechat.


We believe doing quality work ensures repeat business and word of mouth marketing. That's why we do a thorough inspection on every drone we repair. We're so confident you'll be happy we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Oh no!

repair drone step 00

Crashes, upgrades, or something with your craft just sounds funny and you want to have it checked out? No problem, we’re here for you. Here is exactly what you can expect when working with DSLRPros.

Step #1 (optional)

repair drone step 01

Got questions? We offer a free, no-obligation call which can be requested by filling out the diagnostic form.

You can skip the consultation call and get started with their repairs right away. To get started click the green drone repair button for your drone model under the pricing options (above).

Step #2

repair drone step 02

If we think it's fixable after the consultation call, we'll ask you to pay the repair fee for your drone model and to ship your drone. If you've already purchased a drone repair package, we will send you instructions to ship your drone.

Our simple flat fee ensures you won't receive any surprise labor charges. You know up front how much the repair service costs.

Step #3

repair drone step 03

Once we receive your drone we'll do a full diagnostic and prepare an estimate of all the parts needed for the repair. From there, you may proceed with the repairs or decline and have us ship your drone back.

Note: Repair fee is not refundable. If you decline repairs, we will not charge you for any parts and ship your drone back immediately.

Step #4

repair drone step 04

If you decide to proceed with the repair, we will ask you to send a brief email to authorize the estimated work. All repairs will be done by a skilled and experienced drone technician with quality OEM replacement parts to be as good as new.

Step #5
Testing, Testing, More Testing

repair drone step 05

After the repair, our supervisor will review the work, and together with your technician, they will test fly your craft. We’ll conduct a complete extended diagnostic flight to make sure it flies like new! Once you pay for your parts bill, we will ship your drone back to you.

Step #6
Your Complete Satisfaction

repair drone step 06

When you receive your repaired drone, please feel free to contact us if you have any follow up questions. (Note: you'll need to perform an IMU and compass calibrations. They are necessary whenever a drone is transported a long distance.)

Oh Yeah!
Get Back to Flying

repair drone step 07

Your drone should be back to you as good as new! If you're happy with our work, please tell your friends and family. We hate to see repairable drones thrown out when we could've helped!



  • > We DO NOT accept water damaged drones as our experience has shown that this kind of damage is not worth the repair cost.


  • > The optional phone consultation is absolutely free. There is no obligation to repair your drone with us, but we are happy to talk about your concerns and provide our professional advice.
  • > During the consultation, we will determine whether we believe we can repair your drone, but this is not a guarantee. If you ship your drone and we determine we cannot fix it, we will ship it back to you.


  • > The customer will be responsible for the shipping of the product to our repair facility. Return shipping is included in the flat repair fee.
  • > Carefully pack your drone when you ship it to our repair facility. DSLRPros is not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping or for lost packages.
  • > Please ship your damaged drone to our address. Attn: DSLRpros Repairs Department. 7920 Deering Ave., Canoga Park CA 91304.
  • > DO NOT SEND any batteries to our repair facility. We have batteries of our own to use with your product. Shipping Lipo batteries can be very dangerous so please remove all batteries before shipping your product to our repair facility.
  • > Once we receive the drone and complete an initial inspection we will provide you with a full list of parts needed to repair your drone. Any parts that we replace we be shipped back alongside your drone.
  • > We will require an email verification, sent from the email on file to proceed with repairs or to return the product. Repair authorizations or return product requests provided over the phone will be directed to send an email confirmation.
  • > The repair times are calculated from the time that the repairs are approved by the customer and include business days only. Once we receive your email approving the repair and we send you a confirmation email that we have received your approval, the clock starts.
  • > An IMU and compass calibration will need to be completed by you once a drone is returned. They are necessary whenever a drone is transported a long distance.


  • > 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed for up to 7 days after the repaired drone has been delivered back to you. This guarantee covers the parts that have been repaired or replaced by DSLRPros.


  • > The repair fee is not refundable because inspecting a drone requires similar labor to inspecting and repairing the drone.

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