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Shop DJI Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Camera

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DJI Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Camera

The DJI Zenmuse Z30 offers unparalleled image data collection, boasting a powerful 30x optical zoom, and an additional 6x digital zoom, for a combined total magnification power of up to 180x. With this level of zoom capability, the Zenmuse Z30 allows pilots to fly at a safe distance from objects and still collect precise, detailed images. DJI’s leading gimbal technology offering stabilization to within 0.01° also ensures that your images and videos are high-fidelity. Whether you need to perform inspections on wind turbines or cell towers, or get an eagle eye on scenes such as firefighting, or crowd surveillance, the Z30 offers the zoom power you need to get the job done right.

Designed for enterprise applications, the Zenmuse Z30 is compatible with any of the Matrice Series drones, with installation is as simple as sliding the camera onto the mount. The Z30 is easily integrated with the DJI Go app, providing access to automatic features such as TapZoom, live HD view, intelligent flight modes, and automatic flight logs.

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