DJI RC Plus Height-Adjustable Control Sticks

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  • Customizable Comfort: Height-adjustable design for personalized control comfort.
  • Designed for RC Plus: Perfectly compatible with the DJI RC Plus remote controller.
  • Easy Adjustment: Multi-screw design with an included wrench for simple height customization.
  • Enhanced Control: Offers improved ergonomics for precision piloting and complex maneuvers.
  • Durability: Built to replace damaged parts and extend the life of your remote controller.
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Elevate your drone piloting experience with the DJI RC Plus Height-Adjustable Control Sticks, specifically designed for the RC Plus remote controller. These innovative control sticks ensure a customizable flying experience, allowing pilots to adjust the height to their preference for enhanced comfort and control during flights. The inclusion of a multi-screw design not only facilitates easy height adjustment but also adds a layer of durability and precision to your control setup.

Perfect for pilots who demand a tailored flying experience or those looking to replace worn or damaged components without grounding their drone, these adjustable control sticks are an essential upgrade. The package comes complete with a special wrench, making adjustments quick and effortless. Whether you're engaged in professional aerial photography, filmmaking, or simply enjoying the thrill of flight, these height-adjustable control sticks offer the precision and comfort needed to capture stunning visuals or navigate complex flight paths.

Compatibility: DJI RC Plus

  • DJI RC Plus Height-Adjustable Control Sticks (Pair)
  • Locking Wrench

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