DJI Mavic Pro - Battery Charging Hub (Part No.7)

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  • Charges up to 4 batteries in sequence
  • Smart, quick, reliable
  • Improved charging efficiency
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    The Mavic Battery Charging Hub is designed for use with the Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery. When used with the Mavic Battery Charger, it can charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries. The Intelligent Flight Batteries will be charged in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low.

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    • Model: M1CH-S; M1CH-P (Advanced)
    • Compatible Battery Charger: Mavic Charger (F1C50) | Mavic Car Charger (C3S78) | Phantom 4 Charger (PH4C100,PH4C160, Advanced only) | Phantom 4 Car Charger (C4S90-4, Advanced only)
    • Compatible Battery Model: FB1-3830mAh-11.4V
    • Operating Temperature: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
    • Operating Voltage: 13.05 V (Connected with the Mavic Charger / Car Charger) | 17.4 V (Connected with the Phantom 4 Charger / Car Charger)
    • Charge Time* (Four Batteries): Mavic Charging Hub M1CH-S: 5 hr 10 min (Mavic Charger), 4 hr (Mavic Car Charger) | Mavic Charging Hub (Advanced) M1CH-P: 4 hr 10 min (Mavic Charger), 3 hr 15 min (Mavic Car Charger), 2 hr 30 min (Phantom 4 Charger / Car Charger)
    • Weight: 82 g; 101 g (Advanced)
    • Charge times are tested in a lab environment at room temperature and should be used for reference only.

    1x DJI Mavic Pro Charging Hub (Batteries sold separately)

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