DJI M300 RTK - Aircraft RTK Feeder (Grey) (M4)

Vendor Part Number
YC.XC.TT0000 58.06
  • Enhanced RTK positioning: Provides centimeter-level accuracy for precise operations.
  • Specifically designed for DJI M300 RTK: Ensures perfect compatibility and performance.
  • Ideal for high-precision tasks: Crucial for surveying, mapping, and inspection applications.
  • Easy installation: Simplifies the setup process, getting you back to work quickly.
  • Durable design: Built to maintain performance in diverse operating conditions.
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The DJI M300 RTK Aircraft RTK Feeder (Grey) (M4) is a specialized component designed to enhance the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning capabilities of your DJI M300 RTK drone. This grey RTK feeder plays a crucial role in transmitting precise positioning data to the aircraft, enabling it to achieve centimeter-level accuracy during flight. Perfect for applications requiring high precision, such as surveying, mapping, and infrastructure inspection, the RTK feeder ensures that your DJI M300 RTK drone maintains optimal performance in various environments. Its compatibility with the M300 RTK model and easy installation process make it an essential part for professionals looking to leverage the full potential of their drone for accurate data collection and analysis.

Compatibility: DJI M300 RTK

1x DJI M300 RTK - Aircraft RTK Feeder (Grey) (M4)

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