DJI Agras RTK Dongle (for DJI RC Plus)

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  • RTK accuracy for DJI RC Plus, enhancing flight precision
  • Manually mark with centimeter-level precision
  • Easily attaches to controllers for quick setup
  • Ideal for mapping obstructions and field boundaries
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DJI Agras RTK Dongle (for DJI RC Plus)

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The DJI Agras RTK Dongle is an essential upgrade for the controller of your Agras aircraft, delivering RTK-level accuracy directly to your fingertips. This compact attachment allows operators to manually mark out obstructions, field limits, or waypoints with unparalleled centimeter-level precision. It's a tool designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your agricultural drone operations, ensuring that every flight is as productive and safe as possible.

  • RTK-level accuracy: Enhances controller precision for Agras.
  • Precise manual marking: Mark obstructions, field limits, and waypoints with centimeter accuracy.
  • Easy attachment: Quickly attaches to the DJI RC Plus for immediate use.
  • Improved operation efficiency: Ensures precise navigation and operation of your agricultural drones.

Compatibility: Agras T10, Agras T20P, Agras T40

1x DJI Agras RTK Dongle (for DJI RC Plus)

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