DJI Agras RTK Dongle Connector (for DJI RC Plus)

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  • Enhances navigational precision for Agras drones
  • Specifically designed for DJI RC Plus and RTK dongle
  • Facilitates accurate manual marking of field boundaries
  • Easy to integrate and use for optimized field operations
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The DJI Agras RTK Dongle Connector is specifically designed for the DJI RC Plus, enabling precise, RTK-level accuracy for your Agras drone operations. This connector facilitates the integration of an RTK dongle with your controller, enhancing navigational precision and significantly improving the accuracy of manual markings such as obstructions, field boundaries, and waypoints. It's an indispensable tool for agricultural professionals seeking to leverage centimeter-level accuracy to optimize field operations.

  • Precision enhancement: Connects RTK dongle to DJI RC Plus for enhanced accuracy.
  • Easy integration: Simplifies the setup process for precise navigation.
  • Accurate manual marking: Enables marking with centimeter-level precision.

Compatibility: Agras T10, Agras T20P, Agras T40

1x DJI Agras RTK Dongle Connector (for DJI RC Plus)

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