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Crop Spraying Drones

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Our experts at DSLRPros are here to assist you with drone solutions to solve your pesticide management needs. We know, and understand your best use case, budgets, and support needs. We have some pre-crafted solutions, but it's not only limited to those solutions. Depending on your best use case, and budget, we can tailor the perfect drone solution for you or your company.

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Real Life Applications of Crop Spraying Drones in Agriculture

For years, farmers relied on traditional metholds like labor-intensive manual spraying or hired crop dusters to spray fields that were too large for manual labor. Drones reduce time and cost, which is why they're becoming a widely used tool.

Spraying with the Agras
Pesticide Management
Using the Agras MG-1S

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To maintain crop yields, plants require the proper fertilization and protection applications. The days of manually driving a vehicle through the fields to spray or by crop dusting to spray are methods of the past. Agricultural drones have the ability to carry a large payload of spray and can be operated more safely at a fraction of the cost compared to crop dusters, and more efficiently than manually spraying from a vehicle.

DJI Agras MG-1S

Drones are quickly becoming the ideal solution for precision agriculture compared to traditional methods. Not only are drones more efficient, they’re also more cost-effective while reducing the amount of labor. 

Agras MG-1S Demo

 A farmer can now know where to apply pesticides and fertilizers and assist with water management with the use of drones. DJI MG-1S revolutionizes the way in which farmers can utilize drones to manage and take care of their crops.

DJI's First Spraying Drone

The Agras MG-1S integrates a number of cutting-edge DJI technologies and is capable of offering comprehensive solutions for agricultural care. The smart solution for your pesticide management needs.

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Crop Spraying Drones and Bundles

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We are industry leaders in thermal imaging drones. As one of the pioneers in thermal drone technology, our team of experts will help you build a custom solution that meets both your budget and needs.


We specialize in the development and delivery of cost effective mission specific enterprise solutions. All our kits are specially designed, assembled, and individually tested for quality assurance in the United States.


Our customer service doesn't just end with your purchase; we go the extra mile to make sure our customers have the guidance they need. As our customer, you will know us by name and can count on us for support whenever you need it.

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