Autel EVO II - Model C GPS PCB

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  • Advanced GPS technology: Offers precise location tracking for improved navigation.
  • Enhances flight stability: Ideal for capturing smooth and stable aerial footage.
  • Designed for Autel EVO II: Ensures perfect compatibility and easy installation.
  • Reliable performance: Maintains accuracy in diverse environments and conditions.
  • Essential upgrade: Boosts your drone's capabilities for professional and recreational use.
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Autel EVO II - Model C GPS PCB

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The Autel EVO II Model C GPS PCB is an essential component designed to upgrade the navigational capabilities of your Autel EVO II drone. This printed circuit board integrates advanced GPS technology, enabling precise location tracking and improved flight stability. Whether you're capturing stunning aerial photography, conducting surveys, or simply exploring, the Model C GPS PCB ensures your drone maintains accurate positioning in diverse environments. It's engineered specifically for the Autel EVO II, promising seamless integration and enhanced performance for professional and hobbyist pilots alike.

Compatibility: DJi Air 2S

  • 1x Autel EVO II - Model C GPS PCB

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