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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Cannes Kit

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  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional Cannes Kit
  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • Nanuk 950 Wheeled Tough Case
  • Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Multicharger for DJI Phantom 3 Batteries
  • DJI HDMI Output Module
  • Phantom 3 9" Propeller Guards
  • Transcend 32GB U1I microSDHC Card (Class 10)
  • Transcend USB 3.0 Card Reader
  • DSLRPros Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • DSLRPros High Quality LiPo Safety Bag
  • DSLRPros Deluxe Lanyard

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Cannes Kit

DJI 10 Year Celebration Sale

The Phantom 3 Professional Cannes Kit from DSLRPros is different from any other Phantom 3 Professional Kit out there! The Cannes Kit comes with everything a movie maker would need from a complete drone package. Not only will you be recording in 4K video, but you'll be doing it in style. The Nanuk 950 Wheeled Tough Case makes it easy to carry your gear around safely. The DJI HDMI Video Output Module allows you to either transmit the video feed to a pair of FPV Goggles or even share it onto a monitor for others to watch the action. Our DSLRPros LiPo Safety Bags keeps you protected against any accidents when charging the DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries. Charge in safety and save time thanks to the included Phantom 3 Parallel Charger. Charge all three batteries and the remote controller all at the same time.

Our DJI Phantom 3 Pro Cannes Kit comes with all of the items below:

Item Retail Savings Sale Price
Phantom 3 Professional $1,259.00 $260.00 $999.00
Nanuk 950 Wheeled Tough Case $289.99 $120.00 $169.99
3x Total DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Battery $447.00 $149.00 $298.00
Multicharger for DJI Phantom 3 Batteries $80.99 $4.00 $76.99
DJI HDMI Output Module $103.99 $4.99 $99.00
DJI Phantom 3 9" Propeller Guards $19.99 $0.99 $19.00
Transcend 32GB U1I microSDHC Card (Class 10) $27.49 $2.50 $19.99
Transcend USB 3.0 Multi-Card Reader $7.69 $0.70 $6.99
4x 9450 Carbon Fiber Props Pairs (Two Full Sets) $107.96 $107.96 FREE
3x DSLRPros High Quality LiPo Safety Bag $38.97 $38.97 FREE
DSLRPros Deluxe Lanyard  $19.99 $19.99 FREE
 Total:  $2,403.06  $709.10 $1,688.96
Additional Customer Appreciation Discount     $298.96
Your Price with Total Savings       $1,389.00

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Regular Price: $2,403.06

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  • GoPro Compatible

  • Thermal IR Core

  • Batteries

  • OSD

  • SD FPV

  • 2.4 GHz
    Data Link

  • GoPuck

  • Hard Case

  • Backpack

  • Bullet Connectors

  • E300 Motors

  • Futaba Radio

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The latest in DJI's highly respected Phantom line of aerial drones, the Phantom 3 Professional is the one of the most advanced crafts on the market. With flight times of over 15 minutes, an integrated 4K camera, advanced flight controls, and incredible GPS assisted stability, the Phantom 3 delivers unmatched aerial footage every flight. 


This HDMI Module from DJI allows your Phantom 3 Professional remote controller to output to an HDMI device like a screen or goggles. Your Phantom 3 Pro becomes FPV ready. The HDMI Module is also compatible with the Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 4 remotes. Users will install the module by mounting to the back of the remote controller. 

DSLRPros Carbon Fiber Propeller

A set of our very own DSLRPros Carbon Fiber Propellers are included (2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise). Upgrade from the stock Propellers to our more durable Carbon Fiber ones. Not only will they give you added durability, but you'll also be stylish as well!

Capture 4K Video

Utilize the 4K resolution and capture the most stunning video you can imagine. With its beautiful resolution and vivid colors, you will record incredible, professional level, video. Thanks to the built-in stabilization, you'll also be capturing beautifully steady footage as well. 

Stable Footage

When paired with DJI’s industry-standard gimbal stabilization technology, your camera is held perfectly stable no matter how you fly. This 3-axis gimbal makes complex shots and hovering for long exposure photos easy. Your camera is capturing smooth, stable footage throughout your entire flight, and the camera and gimbal are fully controllable by the included remote controller and dedicated DJI Pilot app.

Remote Controller

The DJI Transmitter for the Phantom 3 allows you to easily and comfortably operate your craft. The intuitive controls make piloting the craft and operating the camera very simple. The transmitter features a number of customizable features including maximum speed, distance, and specialized camera functions.

DJI Intelligent Flight Battery

The Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery enables you to fly for up to 23 minutes. Built in LEDs show the charge and life of your battery without needing to connect it to a charger or the craft. This Phantom 3 Professional Bundle comes with 1 battery.

Optional Upgrade: Drone Guard 1 Year Accidental Damage Warranty

Having a Drone Warranty is a necessity! Whether you are using your drone professionally or just for fun, you want to make sure you protect your investment. With a full drone warranty, you gain total peace of mind should any accidents happen, and we know they do!

Coverage includes:

• Materials and workmanship defects
• Accidental damage protection from drops, spills and cracks
• Protection from power surges
• Protection from dust, heat and internal humidity damage


Optional Upgrade: Go Professional Case

The hard case from Go Professional Cases is a fantastic case to travel around with your Phantom 3 Professional. Your craft and accessories slide into the case very easily and snugly. Extra space for batteries, propellers, battery hub, and other goodies included. The tough case has an extendable handle for easing rolling.

Optional Upgrade: Trackimo GPS Tracker

The Trackimo GPS Tracker allows you to always know where your drone is. In the event of a crash and you lose power to your drone, the Trackimo GPS Tracker allows you to locate your drone through your phone. This is an essential item to help protect against accidentally losing your drone.

Comes with:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • Nanuk 950 Wheeled Tough Case
  • 4x DSLRPros Carbon Fiber Propellers 
  • Phantom 3 Remote Controller
  • 3x Total Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • Phantom 3 Parallel Charger
  • DJI HDMI Module
  • Phantom 3 9" Propeller Guards
  • Transcend 32GB SD Card
  • Transcend 3.0 Multi-Card Reader
  • 3x DSLRPros LiPo Safety Bag
  • DSLRPros Deluxe Flight Lanyard

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