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Cannes Cinema Edition P2 Aerial Kit
Cannes Cinema Edition P2 Aerial Kit
Price $4,442.00
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Cannes DP Edition P2 Aerial Kit
Cannes DP Edition P2 Aerial Kit
Price $4,004.00
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DJI Phantom GoPro Aerial Rig
DJI Phantom GoPro Aerial Rig
Weight 8.2 lbs
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Price $479.00
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DJI Phantom GoPro Copter Rig for Aerial Photography

Note:  The Phantom 1 has been discontinued.  Please see the new Phantom 2 with the Zenmuse 3-Axis Gimbal here: 




tony says...
Man is thing thing fun! Easy to fly right out the box!
But beware, you'll want to add on more and more...camera, FPV, Gimbal, etc But its like a kid with candy...want more, want more!!!
The guys at DSLRPros.com are great. Fast, accurate information/communication. Fast shipping. They are what all companies should be!

David kull says...
This has been the most fun i have had with an r/c aircraft. There is a learning curve, but if you follow the mfg videos and read up on all the docs, you will have a successful flight. I have made a few videos on my experience. http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoOOSkCCrox_P0lroEuJMQiM5aPGdpgHo. Or you can search kulltech dji in youtube<br /><br />A windows laptop or pc is required to do maintenance on the Phantom,but you can get started without one

Very little time from me to assemble this. After a quick calibration I was up in the air in no time. To get the motors to run you have to aim both controls in at an angle to initialize. My first flight was a night flight. At first I flown low level since I'm new to this. I'm thrilled at the fact that it remains still. Please note also the air was calm. It remained rock solid. I'll test it with some wind. The flight time was good at about 15 min with no camera and no wind. I figure that if there is wind it would have to compensate more and lessen the flight time. I'm looking forward to getting an extra battery and possibly another one of these! Fast shipping by the way thanks! just in time for my 3 day weekend to start!

Cruz Yanez says...
Great peice of flying equipment. I have had other quad drones in the past, and the Phantom is by far the best I have used. After a few easy calibration steps to get the compass set up, I had it up in the air. On the other side, this thing looks really cool at night with the various color LED's. The look is a few years ahead of its time. Will be using with my GoPro H3 Black Camera. Glad I made this purchase using DSLR Pros. Made it very easy. I thought I was going to be put on a waiting list.
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