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DSLRPros Ultimate Kit Hits The Vegas Strip

Posted on 3/18/2014 by DSLRPros in Phantom DJI phantom 2 phantom ii

One of our customers sent us these awesome aerials of the Las Vegas Strip. He used his DSLRPros Ultimate Kit to get some great night shots of some iconic buildings.

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Project: Bigger Than Life. Flying Through Ice Caves

Posted on 3/17/2014 by DSLRPros in dji phantom DJI phantom 2 phantom ii

This is the latest segment of project: Bigger Than Life. Our good friends at FireFightFilms.com are hard at work in Alaska working on this multi-part series encompassing all things bigger than life. In this segment the DSLRPros Ultimate Kit was used to fly through the massive ice caves of Alaska.

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DSLRPros Has Teamed With UCLA Earthquake Geologists

Posted on 3/5/2014 by DSLRPros in Phantom DJI dji phantom ii phantom 2

DSLRPros has teamed with UCLA earthquake geologist Sinan Akciz, Ph.D, to map active faults and create 3D digital topographic maps in tectonically active areas. Sinan will be using the drone technology to both locate and rapidly document surface ruptures after earthquakes. Using the information collected from the drones, the goal is to better understand the unique characteristics of earthquakes, in turn to help better prepare for these awesome forces of nature. DSLRPros is proud to be involved with this important research.

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Stunning photo taken with the DSLRPros Ultimate kit

Posted on 2/5/2014 by DSLRPros in dji phantom DJI dji phantom 2 dji phantom ii phantom ii

Check out this photo taken with the DSLRPros Ultimate kit. Thanks to our friend Edward Mutuota for sharing!

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Photographer and National Geographic Expert Kike Calvo on His Latest Project

Posted on 1/31/2014 by Aarthi Scott in dji phantom DJI dji phantom ii dhi phantom 2

Our friend Kike Calvo had a recent collaboration with Spanish movie director Jorge Nebra, in the making of a music video for the singer Antilope. Aerial footage shot using a GoPro on an upgraded DSRLPros DJI Phantom I. Check out the Photo!

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DSLRPros Introduces the Phantom 2 Cannes Edition Cinema Kit

Posted on 1/26/2014 by DSLRPros in dji phantom Phantom DJI dji phantom 2 dji phantom ii

You asked and DSLRPros delivered. Introducing the fully loaded Phantom 2 Cannes Edition. This is the latest technology available in an all-in-one aerial platform. DSLRPros sought out to solve many of the shortcomings with the stock Phantom 2 and created the perfect solution for professionals and amateurs alike. Learn more about the Cannes Edition Aerial Kit here:

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Syrian rebels claim they captured government drone, reveal images found inside

Posted on 11/13/2013 by Duc-Duy Pham in dji phantom DJI Drone Syrian rebels Government drone Syria syrian drone

By David R Arnott, NBC News Syrian rebels this week showed off a miniature drone that they claim to have brought down using frequency interference. Fighters from the Free Syrian Army told Reuters that the unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft belonged to President Bashar al-Assad's forces.The rebels released a series of aerial photos that they said had been taken from a camera mounted on the drone. The images show the widespread destruction in the rebel-held city of Homs. More than 100,000 people have died since the Syrian conflict started two and a half years ago, the United Nations says.

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On the set of the TV show Revolution with Elan Dassani

Posted on 10/28/2013 by Duc-Duy Pham in Phantom DJI Elan Dassani TV Elan Production

Elan Dassani a celebrated filmmaker and visual effects supervisor invited DSLRPros to come on set with him as he uses our Ultimate Kit for his production. The crew arrived on a dock where they were greeted with a massive antique sailing ship that was the centerpiece for the shoot. We watched as Elan used our modified Phantom to capture precision aerial shots for his production. Elan is just the first of many filmmakers we will be showcasing around how they use our Aerial rigs.

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The Death of the Dolly

Posted on 8/6/2013 by Duc-Duy Pham in DJI Film Film making MOvi steadicam Dolly

The dolly has been an irreplaceable tool in film making since it first showed up in 1914. The term “Dolly shot” is something that was coined from using a camera mounted on Dolly track to perform a “Tracking shot”. The dolly is something that any filmmaker in the decade is familiar with. It has been used time and time again in every situation possible to create a perfectly smooth dynamic movement. But now with newer technology coming out, has the Dolly’s usefulness run out?

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Phantom's in Turkey Riots

Posted on 8/2/2013 by Duc-Duy Pham in Phantom DJI Aerial Filmmaking Turkey Riot GOPro

One of our loyal customers was in Taksim Square during the time of the time when the riots broke out. This is one the biggest events that impacted the world this year. He was lucky enough to have one of our Phantoms on him when the riots broke out. See his amazing footage of what happened between Turkey riot police and the protestors at Taksim Square.

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